Looking to adopt a Dog?

You dont have to pay big bucks to a breeder to get a great dog. There are tons of great dogs waiting for the perfect home. Some are at your local animal shelter, rescue groups, or even on Craigslist.  Some people feel like they have to have a designer dog, or want a specific breed for some reason, but mutts are great dogs, too.

Why adopt a rescue dog?

  • You are actually saving 2 dogs when you rescue from an animal shelter or rescue group. You are giving the one dog a home and making room for an additional dog at the animal shelter or rescue group.
  • Approximately 75% of dogs in animal shelters are mixed breed dogs. Mutts tend to live longer -they have greater genetic diversity, which tends to make them healthier overall
  • There are TONS of different dogs to choose from. Odds are in your favor that you’ll find exactly what you are looking for in an animal shelter or rescue group.


Here are some websites that can help you start your search:

Petfinder is a great site. You can search their listings for available dogs in your area. They also have a listing of over 13,000 rescue / animal welfare groups.

Adopt-A-Pet – comprehensive site with easy-to-use search tools to find that perfect pet!

AKC Rescue – American Kennel Club has a portion of their website dedicated to dog rescue groups.

Dogsey – This site has active forums, many people discussing rescuing & adoptions. The site has lots of information.

ShelterPet – Rescue shelter pets. Free service that links to a ton of rescues all over the USA.

ASPCA – Search online for adoptable pets at your local shelter. 

Southern California Rescues (that I have personally dealt with):

Indi Lab Rescue – Southern California Lab Rescue

CARL – another great rescue in the Southern California area

Westside German Shepard Rescue of Los Angeles – A friend of mine volunteers here and they do great work! Looking for a shepard – contact them!

Boxer Rescue LA – this is a wonderful group of people who rescue boxers and boxer mixes.


I am sure there are many more wonderful rescue websites. You can also contact your local animal shelter for ideas. The rescues are usually regulars at the pound and they should be able to point you in the right direction. Good luck finding your next furever friend!