Labrador Elsie has pancreatitis. no more pancreatitis symptomsPancreatitis is not fun. Pancreatitis in dogs is pretty common, I guess. Usually its because dogs get into something, or eat a bunch of people food with high fat content. But we don’t believe thats how Elsie got it. The vet doesn’t actually know how she got it. Yes, it is possible she ate something in the yard, but what?

So its been about 2.5 weeks now, and we have been feeding her a bland diet, and keeping her inside (no freedom in the yard) to get her stabilized and back to normal. She has had no more symptoms, and seems to be feeling better. Poops are solid, no nausea that I can tell, and she has been acting like her old self.

She now wants to play with Henry, and is acting more normal overall. Over the past 5 days or so I have been adding her kibble into the bland diet (rice, ground turkey and beef bone broth) and she is loving that. It seems to be making her stay full longer and not as ravenous when I give her meals.

The vet suggested going back to normal kibble to see how she does. They do have low fat food available but he feels like her food now should be ok. She has a sensitivity to chicken, and almost all of the low fat foods are chicken-based. So it will be hard to find a food replacement for her. SO that being said, I hope that she does well on her normal food. Time will tell 🙂

So that is the update for now. We do not need to go back to the vet unless symptoms reappear. So wish us luck!