There’s never a dull moment with a puppy around. Its so much fun to watch him grow and learn and even though we have only had him for about 2 weeks, he has really changed! He has adapted very well to our house. In these short 2 weeks he has learned how to sit on command, lie down on command, and how to use the doggie door to go out and go potty. But let me tell you he is definitely teething! He chews on everything. Our arms are ripped up! He has no less than 20 chew toys, bones, balls, etc scattered around so he has no reason to chew on US.. But we must taste good. I instantly put a chew toy of some sort in his mouth when he starts to chew on me. I don’t know if its helping.  Click the link to watch an adorable video of him playing outside.

Henry Playing with a Tennis Ball

The Crate

He sleeps very well in the crate. The last week or so he has slept from about 10pm until 5:30am – 6:00am. He plays a bit before he falls asleep and plays a bit before he starts screaming for us to come get him. He has grown quite a bit. I had a cardboard box in the crate with him the first few days because he was so tiny and I didn’t want him going potty in the crate. Well, he needed the box removed because he was too cramped in there with the box. I wish we would have measured him when we first got him. We didn’t even weigh him. He use to be able to walk easily under the kitchen chairs, he still can but now he is close to touching the supports.

First Vet Appointment

Henry has his first vet appointment today so we will know how much he weighs. He will get his second set of shots, and an exam. Hopefully everything is perfect. He seems perfect to me! Now that he knows how to use the doggie door he goes out a lot! He loves the backyard. He likes to play with tennis balls and run around on the grass. Henry also enjoys the raised dog beds. He goes back and forth between them. I bought a new one for him, but Elsie has kind of taken that one, so he has the older one (it has a new cover). But anyway, since he is outside so often its hard to stop him from eating the bunny poop. I know its not super dangerous, but I just dont think its a good idea for him to eat it. I am up and down all day following him outside to refocus him on a toy instead of the bunny poop. Having a puppy around is exhausting.

Keeps us on our toes

I knew what to expect. This is not our first puppy, but we are older now and its not as easy as it once was. The lack of sleep, and the constant get up, sit down, where is he? is exhausting. When he finally wants to relax and cuddle a bit, its a little scary because sometimes he is super relaxed and then pops up and bites ya! I cant wait until I can take him for walks to tire him out and calm his little spurts of craziness a bit. He is super sweet and I love him to pieces, but I am a little exhausted and would really like to just sit and relax, and maybe sleep past 5:30am…