Training Your New Puppy

Training your puppy doesn’t need to be difficult. Break each thing down into steps and think about what the behavior is that you are trying to teach. I’ll be adding blog posts with various training strategies that I have personally used with our two black labs.

I hope it helps you learn a little bit about training your dogs! I am not an expert by any means. I have had no official training, but my dogs and I have taken several training courses, and these are the things we have learned together.

I’ll keep adding more training ideas and tips, so check back often!

Puppy Training – Leave It

Leave it is a super important thing to teach all dogs, young and old! Why is Leave it important? Because dogs are dogs. They pick up everything they find, they will try to steal food, toys, socks, etc. Leave it teaches them self-control, not to grab something even if...

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Puppy Training – Look at Me

Look At Me! is a very useful tool to teach your puppy.  It will be practically impossible to train your puppy if he isn't paying attention to you! This is an easy thing to teach even the youngest puppy, and it helps you connect with the dog and for him to focus on...

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Puppy Training – Potty Training

Potty Training doesn't have to be hard! The very first thing we worked on when we first got Henry was potty training! There are so many different views on potty training and what works, what doesn't work, what confuses the dog, etc. So here is what we did.. We got...

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