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Cold Dog – do you cover your dogs up?

April 29, 2016

Strange question. Cold dogs – Do you cover up your dogs when its chilly in the house? Rocco doesn’t have much fat or much fur (boxers don’t really have dog fur – its more like little tiny short hairs) to keep him warm. Poor little guy will curl up in a tiny ball to try to stay warm. We have blankets all over the sofas so he can cuddle up with them. I dont know how to teach him to cover up!

This photo was taken at the end of Rocco's birthday party. He was wiped out.
This photo was taken at the end of Rocco’s birthday party. He was wiped out.

I cover him up when I see that he is cold, but it would be great if he could cover himself up! The other morning he was freezing! I could feel him shaking! I immediately covered him up and cuddled with him to warm him up. He sleeps on our bed, and it was not cold in our room. Maybe 65-68 degrees, but he was obviously cold! We have a huge blanket on the end of the bed for him, I wish I could teach him how to nuzzle his way under the blanket – he would make himself much more comfy!

So now throughout the night I wake up to cover him up. I don’t know how long he stays covered, or if he is even cold, I just automatically cover him up now.  The things we do for our dogs.. It’s like having a little baby – dont want them to be cold!! A cold dog is probably not a happy dog.

Then I was thinking that maybe its the medications that he is on that make him chilled? Like I said it wasn’t super cold in our room. I need to look into it and see if that’s a potential side effect. But regardless, I want to teach him to cover himself up! Or maybe I will buy him a sweater 🙂 I dont want a cold dog. I want my Rocco to be comfy.