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Getting a new puppy – the waiting is so hard!

We have decided to get a puppy from the same breeder that we got our dog Elsie from. She has had other litters available, but when she told me that Elsie’s mom was pregnant, I knew I wanted one of those pups. They were born mid-August, and we got our deposit in so we would get first pick of the boys.

So the puppies are now almost 3 weeks old – that means 5 more weeks until we can bring him home. At 5 weeks we can go visit and make our choice of puppy. How do you pick? They are all going to be adorable! We want a boy so the choice will be a little easier, because there are only 2 boys in the litter.

Everyone says not to let the dog choose YOU, but for you to watch the dogs interact and choose the one thats not the boss, and not the most submissive one. Since there are only 2 boys to choose from, one will be the bossier one and one will be the more submissive one. We really want a dog with an even temperment, a dog that’s cuddly, sweet, friendly, smart, not neurotic! But how will we know which one that is? At 5 weeks old I am not sure. Hopefully the breeder will help us choose.

But its so hard to wait. We are getting the house ready. We needed to make room for another crate in our room (thats where the pups sleep). So I got rid of my desk, and we are moving some things around. I also decided to paint the room. Why? Well, why not!? Since the furniture is being moved around, this is the perfect time.

I have also been refreshing my memory on potty training ideas, puppy training in general. Its only been about 3 years, but maybe strategies have changed. I must admit, I am a bit nervous about this whole endeavor. My husband will be the caregiver during the day. He is self-employed so has more freedom to be home with the dogs. I work full-time, so I wont really be available. I will do eves.. But my husband is not the most patient person, and may not really be up to the task of puppy fatherhood.. But he wants to do this – so I have been sending him lots of videos with training ideas, and tips and hopefully he understands a bit more of what he is getting into!

I hope to get new pictures of the puppies this weekend. The breeder said she will take some more photos once the puppies open their eyes, which will make them even cuter than before!!!

Another new puppy!

Getting another black lab puppy! 

Well, guess what? One dog is never enough for us! Elsie has been the only dog for 3 years. She wants a playmate! We have decided to get her a little brother!

Her dog mom has had another litter, and we have first pick of the boys. There were only 5 puppies in the litter, and only 2 boys, but we get to choose which one we want. Its a different dog dad, so this puppy will be Elsie’s half brother 🙂 

The mom is Lovey, who is now about 5 years old. She is a gorgeous jet black English lab. She looks a lot like Elsie, but bigger. Prince is the dad of this litter. He is super handsome and huge! He is a 100 lb yellow lab. We have not seen him in person, but the photos say enough!

So the puppies were born August 17, 2019. The boys are way bigger than the girls in the litter. Look at the photo! The two huge pups are the boys. This was taken when they were 10 days old.  Its hard to take good pictures of black dogs. I will do my best to get good shots when we go to pick the one we want when they are 5 weeks old.

How will we know which one we want? I think we should be able to tell a little about their personalities at that time. I hope that one just calls out to us and makes it obvious which one to choose. 

Elsie saw santa

Every single time I take Elsie out somewhere people comment on how great she is! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is so well-behaved in public.

We went to see Santa last week. We had to wait in line for over and hour. There were other dogs, lots of little kids, and quite a bit of foot traffic around us (we were at the mall). Not only was Elsie super patient, she greeted other dogs and people as they walked by. She is not forceful, she just walks up to people to say hello!

Socialized dogs are so great! There were many dogs in line. A few were crazier than others, but most of them had been socialized and waited nicely in line. The golden retrievers were barking at the other dogs, but were friendly. The german shepherds was well behaved and pretty calm, the little pugs were noisy, but well-behaved. Elsie was the only one who was actively greeting people, though. It was cute. She got lots of love.

She didn’t really want to see Santa, but allowed us to get a few pictures. Last year we couldn’t get closer than about 10 feet from him, so this year was a definite improvement.

Here is one of the pictures we got from our visit. Santa was in a great mood tonight, despite seeing so many kids and dogs. We got to the mall about 5:30 and the line was maybe about 20 people/dogs long. When we left about 7pm, it had grown to maybe 100 people/dogs. I hope Santa got a little bit of a rest. He still had to get back to the North Pole to make toys! He is sure a busy man this time of year.

Santa will surely bring Elsie something special. She was so good in line, and so good with him!

If you are looking for a dog that is great with kids (all ages), loves socializing, and is not aggressive at all, try a lab! They are such amazing dogs with the best temperment. People ask me all the time if she is a trained therapy dog. No, she is not. She has had training and I am sure that has helped, but she just has a sweet temperment.

Elsie is almost 2 years old!

These 2 years have sure gone by quick! It seems like we just got Elsie. She is such a sweetie pie! She really is a great dog. Is she perfect? Heck no. Does she still get into stuff? Yes! Does she still act like a crazy person sometimes? Yes. But she is a lab and labs are just like that. I love her to pieces!

Elsie 2018
Made this picture using the Prisma app

She loves to lay on the couch and hang with us. She loves going on walks, going for car rides (but hates the front seat), going to daycare, she loves visits from friends (humans and dogs)..  I need to tell you about her car ride yesterday. I was taking some items to Goodwill, and it was all in the backseat, so she had to sit in front. She didn’t even want to get in the car, but once she did she basically crunched herself into a little ball and had her head tucked into the crack of the seat. I was petting her, talking to her, had the window down for her – she would peak up a little and then hide. She kept looking lovingly at the back seat, wishing she could be back there! As soon as we dropped off our donations I let her get in back. She was so happy!!! I have a hammock style seat cover for in the back, and she really feels more secure with that in place, I guess. She thoroughly enjoyed the rest of our outings.

She is a silly dog, and not like any other lab I’ve had in the past. Believe it or not she does not like to play fetch, or catch. She will go run after the ball 2-3 times and then thats it. She will try to catch a ball a couple times and then she just sits there and lets it hit her. She cracks me up. She likes to try to cram 3 toys in her mouth at once (balls, bones, stuffed toys, whatever). She enjoys chewing on things. she likes to chase things, but does not like to be chased.

When we go to the dog park, she is the social committee – the greeter. As soon as she sees a car park, she runs to the gate to greet the newcomer. She is not an aggressive greeter, she is very calm. Everyone loves her!

We are starting a tricks class next week. I think she will enjoy that. we have done all the obedience classes already and she loves class. She is very food motivated so training is easy. She is not very athletic, so agility is not her thing. But tricks may be 🙂 We will see!

I tell you what, I love having her around. She loves following me around, and doing whatever I do.  She is my sweet pea!

Elsie is on a doggy diet!

dog diet
Elsie is such a happy dog!

I am not sure why, but it is weird having to put a dog on a diet. Elsie definitely loves food, and is very food motivated. I didn’t realize that we were feeding her too much, though. I have never had a dog that I needed to watch their weight. I knew she was chubby, but it wasn’t until we went to the vet last time for some vaccines that they said she needed to lose about 10 pounds! She is an English lab, so she will never be thin, they are built sturdier than other labs, but she needs to lose some bulk.

Elsie is an active dog, when we are home. I think during the day she lays around and rests, though. She does go to doggy daycare once a week, for some playtime and socialization. She sure loves that! As soon as we get close, she starts breathing hard and getting excited! She practically breaks down their gate to get inside!

Back to the diet. I put her on grain free, weight maintenance food. I also only feed about 2/3 of what it says on the bag. Vet said they always recommend more than the dogs actually need when they create the amounts on the bag. Don’t worry, she is not starving. I add a little coconut oil (for her coat), a little canned pure pumpkin,  some peas, carrots and broccoli. She loves the veggies!!

So far she has lost about 6 pounds – it has been about 2 months. So its a healthy rate of loss. She seems happy, doesn’t seem to be hungry, I think its a great diet for her! She still does get a little treat now and then, but I am watching it a bit more than I was before. I dont want her to have excess weight, labs get hip dysplasia and hopefully this will help her NOT get that!

Elsie is such a great dog, she is so sweet and fun! I love labs!

Our silly puppy

Elsie is so silly. She loves to be bratty just to get our attention. She doesn’t enjoy good attention as much as she prefers us to try to get us to chase her. We don’t chase her, but that’s what she wants.

Someone told me to ‘trade’ her treats for things she brings in from outside, or things she steals, so she doesn’t run away from us – instead she just hands over the prized possession for a treat. It works really well, and she volunteers up whatever it is IF we give her  a treat. Sometimes I think she wants a treat so she goes to find something so I will ‘trade’ her.

Elsie the silly lab - tree trimming
Tree Trimming!

Lately she has been bringing in large branches. She has a hard time bringing them in through the doggie door, but sometimes she manages to get the branches inside. Here is a picture of one she got the other day – it had 3 little pine cones on it, too! Bonus!! I let her keep that branch for a while – it looked like it was hard to get.

Another silly thing she enjoys doing is trying to carry multiple toys at once. She will have one or two in her mouth, and then she will be kicking a tennis ball around with her feet. She is getting pretty great at dribbling the tennis ball (soccer style). Every time I try to video tape it, though, she stops!

carrying 2 balls
2 balls at once!

Elsie loves getting her picture taken, but not when she is concentrating on all the toys, I guess. She cracks me up!

Another really cute thing she does – which is kind of annoying, but a total lab thing. She splashes in her water bowl. She loves to spread water all over the place and then lay in it. If I put water in her pool, she does the same thing. At the dog park, she goes to the water fountain and tries to get the water out of it and onto the area around it, so she can lay in it. Then after she gets wet, she runs over to the dirt and rolls around! Its funny to watch, but that means bath time when we get home and I dont always have time for that. 🙂

Owning a lab is fun. They have such great personalities and are always doing something silly. I love Elsie!

Elsie is 1 year old now!

Sorry, I haven’t kept up with this. Elsie turned 1 in April. She is a fun dog! If you’ve never had a lab, you should think about getting one! Never a dull day!

Just relaxing on the couch

She is a very typical lab. Social, friendly, a little goofy and into everything! She loves everyone! We go for our daily walks, and many days a week we also go to the dogpark. She plays nicely with every dog we meet. She likes to run and chase, but gets frustrated quickly if she can’t keep up. It’s really cute to watch her at the dogpark – she is one of the greeters. When she sees a dog coming up the walkway, she runs to the gate to greet them!

Elsie is really good on walks. She likes to walk slightly ahead of me, but she doesn’t pull. We need to stop and sniff and smell everything we pass. If a dog goes by on the other side of the street, she nods to say hello and we continue on our way. She is not dog aggressive at all, even when other dogs bark at her.  Sometimes she will bark back and then move on.

Elsie enjoys meeting people along the walks. She sometimes barks at them, but its not in a mean way. I think she is saying HELLO! She gets comfortable with the people pretty quick.  As a lab, she needs to carry things on our walks back home. I use to bring her collapsible bowl, and that’s what she would carry home, but now I don’t bring that with us. She knows how to drink from the water bottle, so I just bring a bottle that carries that home for me. Its her ‘job’.

I love Elsie so much! She is turning into a wonderful dog and I look forward to coming home to her each day!

Meet Elsie – our English Lab Puppy

Elsie English LabWe have a new puppy, Elsie. Well, we have had her for several months now, but I haven’t posted.

She is now about 10 months old and is a super adorable English lab.  We have had her since August, we got her when she was about 4 months old. She has been a lot of work, but we have almost made it through the hardest part of puppy ownership.  I wont go as far to say she is obedient, but she does listen most of the time to what we ask.

She completed a puppy class, Beginning Obedience and Intermediate Obedience classes. Elsie knows many things, and if I have treats she will perform pretty much flawlessly. But during a normal day, and when treats are not involved, she is no longer focused on me or what I ask of her.  Yes, she will sometimes listen but as a whole she is more focused on whatever toy, rock, stick or random thing she has found outside.

She goes to doggy daycare once a week. Elsie is super social and loves all dogs – and loves people, too! Lately, however, she has started to growl at new people – but just for a minute and then she wants to kiss them and play with them.  Best part of being a lab  is that she is not aggressive at all to dogs or people!

Elsie is a big girl. She weighs about 70 pounds right now. She could probably use a little dietary restriction. Problem mainly is that I broke my foot about 4 months ago and our exercise routine was greatly impacted! I just recently got out of the boot and can walk her again – so we will get a lot more exercise now and hopefully that will thin her out a tiny bit.

I’ll start posting more things, but this was just to introduce you to our new little baby! You can follow her on instagram – I post photos daily. Her name on instagram is Elsiesweetpea <3

Cold Dog – do you cover your dogs up?

April 29, 2016

Strange question. Cold dogs – Do you cover up your dogs when its chilly in the house? Rocco doesn’t have much fat or much fur (boxers don’t really have dog fur – its more like little tiny short hairs) to keep him warm. Poor little guy will curl up in a tiny ball to try to stay warm. We have blankets all over the sofas so he can cuddle up with them. I dont know how to teach him to cover up!

This photo was taken at the end of Rocco's birthday party. He was wiped out.
This photo was taken at the end of Rocco’s birthday party. He was wiped out.

I cover him up when I see that he is cold, but it would be great if he could cover himself up! The other morning he was freezing! I could feel him shaking! I immediately covered him up and cuddled with him to warm him up. He sleeps on our bed, and it was not cold in our room. Maybe 65-68 degrees, but he was obviously cold! We have a huge blanket on the end of the bed for him, I wish I could teach him how to nuzzle his way under the blanket – he would make himself much more comfy!

So now throughout the night I wake up to cover him up. I don’t know how long he stays covered, or if he is even cold, I just automatically cover him up now.  The things we do for our dogs.. It’s like having a little baby – dont want them to be cold!! A cold dog is probably not a happy dog.

Then I was thinking that maybe its the medications that he is on that make him chilled? Like I said it wasn’t super cold in our room. I need to look into it and see if that’s a potential side effect. But regardless, I want to teach him to cover himself up! Or maybe I will buy him a sweater 🙂 I dont want a cold dog. I want my Rocco to be comfy.

Happy Birthday Rocco – Let’s Party!

April 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Rocco. We had his party on Saturday and it was a great success. We did not invite any dogs, all the guests were the humans he loves most! My husband and I, our kids and their significant others and my mom. It was the perfect group. Rocco was so happy!

Happy Birthday Rocco
Happy Birthday Rocco. Peanut Butter Treats

Before the party I went running around trying to find doggie ice cream. I thought for sure that Petsmart would have it – NO. Target – NO. Finally found it at Albertsons. But while at Petsmart I found these little peanut butter cup looking treats. Grabbed a box for Rocco. When I got home I gave him one. He was a little unsure what to do with it. He was droooling! He knew he wanted to eat it. LOL So anyway, took him a minute but he figured it out. He loved it!

The party was fun. We all really did whatever Rocco wanted to do. My daughter and her boyfriend brought bubbles for him. He is afraid of toys now, and I completely forgot about how much he loves bubbles. He was in heaven. They played for a long time! Rocco came in and was exhausted. We had a bbq and of course Rocco got his very own burger. He scarfed it down! I gave him his normal dinner first because I knew he wouldn’t want to eat THAT after having a yummy burger.

For dessert he got to have some doggie ice cream. It was so cute, he ate it very carefully and deliberately. Didnt want to miss a drop! My daughter put a candle on for him.

Happy birthday Rocco
Happy Birthday Rocco. Have some ice cream!

We obviously didn’t make him blow it out. But it made for a cute photo.  I got him two boxes of the little ice cream cups. Frozen Paws I think it was called. Its easy for him to eat and something cold might make his jaw feel better.

After all that we put on the animal channel so he could watch some tv. We wanted My Cat from Hell. It kept his attention for a little, but then he fell asleep! He had a very full day. Full of fun and love from all his favorite people. I think he had a great birthday party!

I hope that we can celebrate with him again next year!! Miracles happen all the time 🙂

Bucket List for Rocco

April 1, 2016

Rocco's Bucket list
He cant play soccer anymore, but there are lots of other fun things we can do. Bucket list for Rocco!

Since Rocco only probably has a few more months (unless of course the wishes I have for him come true), I want to make these months amazing for him. There is a commercial on tv that shows a guy taking his dog around and doing a bunch of bucket list items. I am going to do that for Rocco! What a fun idea.


I have thought of a few things already, that will be on Rocco’s bucket list. I will talk to him about them tonight and see what he thinks. LOL I’ll add more things as I think of them. But this is a really good start! If you would like to participate in any of these things with us, let me know!

He is a fun, I’ll-do-anything-as-long-as-its-with-you type of dog. So this will be a fun little adventure for us.

  1. Go hiking
  2. Go to the beach and let him play in the water (not sure where we can do this)
  3. go to PetSmart and pick out a new toy
  4. Have Sushi
  5. Sit in a police car
  6. take a ride in a convertible (if Lindsey is up to it)
  7. go to In-N-Out and have a burger
  8. doggy spa day or massage/pampering
  9. eat steak with dad. He loves to help dad bbq.
  10. eat a bowl of ice cream
  11. breakfast in bed (this could be really messy. I may rethink this one)
  12. play on the playground with Lindsey
  13. take a nap with Nick
  14. play in the sprinklers
  15. Have a birthday party (his 6th birthday is April 29)

The thought of losing my sweet Rocco makes me so sad, but I will make these next few months the best months possible for him.

The Dog Park makes Rocco so happy

March 26, 2015

Dog Parks. People either love them or hate them. Well, add us to the group that hates them, UNLESS there is no one else there – then we LOVE them!

Let me explain. When Rocco was a puppy we took the dogs a few times to the local dog park. It was usually fine. A couple times we saw dog fights, or aggressive dogs running around tackling other dogs. We just tried to keep Chloe and Rocco at the other end. Well, one day we walked in and a huge shepherd attacked Rocco. Knocked him to the ground and help him there. This other dog’s hair was up on his neck, and I was freaking out. The owner hit him and pulled him off. We left! Thank goodness Rocco was not hurt. About 2 months later we decided to go again. I took my son with me, and we went during an off-peak time. Well, Rocco decided that HE was going to be the one tackling the other dogs. First one he saw, he ran over to him and knocked him to the ground. Thank goodness Nick was with me, he helped get Rocco off the other dog and we left. We never went back. I dont want to be ‘that’ person.

So recently they opened a new dog park at the park near our house. There is no way I was going to take him when other dogs are there, so we just go for our walks and if no one is in the park, I take him and let him play. He loves it! He runs around smelling all the smells, peeing on all the trees, treasure hunting for left behind balls and frisbees. He has so much fun!

So I guess the bottom line is: we love EMPTY dog parks!

Santa Rocco says Happy Holidays

December 25, 2015

Santa Rocco says Happy Holidays
Santa Rocco says Happy Holidays

Santa Rocco speaking: I love Christmas. Mom and Dad buy me new toys! I have to sit and wait while they stack up all the presents by each of them. I have a stack, too. Mom caught me trying to open one of my gifts the other day. I guess I wasn’t quite stealth enough. I was a little embarrassed when she caught me, but I got over it. She never stays mad for long. If I give her my “I’m so sorry” face, then she always forgives me. She is a great mommy! Back to Christmas, I knew I wanted to open this one present, it smelled like meat! I kept staring at it until finally they let me open it. Oh my gosh, it was just what a wanted. A new beef flavored nylabone. I love those things! I ran into the other room to chew on it, so no one would come try to take it. Now, that I think about it, I dont think anyone has ever tried to take one from me. I went back in and sat by Grandma. She has long nails and I love it when she scratches under my collar. I helped her open one of her presents. She got a shirt or something. BORING! But she was sure happy with it.  After everyone opened all the gifts, and I had taken all my new toys and put them in by my other toys, we got to have breakfast. They always let me have a little bit of whatever they are eating when its a holiday. I love that about my family.

As far as dog wishes go, I think all of mine have been granted. I have a family who spoils me rotten. A nice warm bed (I actually have several beds), food, water, lots of balls to play with and all the love any dog could want.

Halloween and your dogs

dogs sleeping
Rocco using Chloe as a pillow

October 31, 2015

Halloween is a fun time of year for most of us. Pets, however, not so much. We live on a street that is not heavily ‘trick-or-treated’. We maybe get 5 groups of kids at the most, but its still hard on them. The doorbell rings & they want to greet the guests! I keep them in the other room, behind the gate usually, so they dont scare the kiddos.

Some people keep their pups in the backyard – but that’s probably hard on the dogs, too. They hear all the kids running around, screaming in joy, parents yelling for their kids to stay out of the street, etc. I asked a few friends what their strategy is for their dogs on Halloween. Here is what they said:

My one friend said she locks the dogs in her bedroom. Turns the tv on really loud and just lets them be in there while she takes her kids out trick or treating, and her husband is home passing out the candy. They live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, so I am sure they get lots of activity.She says the dogs (she has 2 little dogs) seem fine. When she is ready to turn off the porch light, she goes up and lets the dogs out.

Another friend of mine sits out front with her dog. He is a giant mastiff-mix dog is and is pretty mellow. They sit outside and the kids come up to get the candy from them. She said her dog pretty much just lays there. So for her, thats a great solution. I actually did this a couple years, but with the lack of trick or treaters on our street – it was pretty boring! And it was cold. If a bunch of kids came, it would have been fun!

My other friend told me that they take the dogs with them trick or treating, and then when they get home they let the dogs watch them answer the door. Yikes! Their one pup is kind of crazy. like Rocco, so I cant imagine how she handles it. She says its stressful for her but the dogs enjoy it. She keeps the dogs on a very short leash while out with her kids gathering treats. She walks in the street so they are not in the way of little ones. What do you do with your pets?


Rocco is doing great!

October 2, 2015

Rocco’s eye is completely healed, I think he really feels fine! There doesnt seem to be any discomfort, except he has some itching. I think its internal itching. He rubs his eye against the couch, or the edge of the bed. I rub it for him, too. Not too much else we can do, but other than that once in a while he is doing great! He is back to his old self, but seems to be more attached to me now. He has always been MY dog, but now he is even moreso. Maybe because of his ordeal, not sure.

He has been having a great time playing outside, chasing squirrels, playing soccer, going for walks, whatever! Life is good in Rocco land.

Look what I found Mom!

A friend of mine gave us a few new balls and he has been in heaven.  Then I went to a garage sale and found this very colorful ball for 50 cents. I had it in a bag in the living room (room he doesn’t go into normally). I was vacuuming and he came in to see what I was doing. I forgot about the ball. I had just given him one from my friend so I was saving it until that one died. Anyway, I heard this happy little squeal type noise and looked over and he had the new colorful ball. He was so excited, he grabbed it and took it outside. I went out with him and got this adorable picture of him!

Unfortunately that ball didnt last long. It was a very thin leatherette style cover and it ripped off pretty quick – but he did fully enjoy it for a day or so!  I look for soccer balls whenever I see garage sales – he loves the soft / almost flat balls the best.

Goodbye Sweet Chloe

September 16, 2015

Sweet Chloe
Sweet Chloe

Last night (which was our wedding anniversary) we had to say goodbye to our sweet, gentle, beautiful Chloe. She was almost 14, she had a long happy life. She declined quickly from OK to definitely NOT OK. The last 6 months or so I could tell she wasn’t feeling 100%, she lost interest in eating, she had a hard time getting up, it looked like her back legs arthritis was getting worse. But she never complained. She was such a sweetheart. We will never know for sure what happened, but her symptoms matched kidney failure. Chloe was the best dog ever and will be deeply missed.

Some of my favorite memories of Chloe: When we went to get her at the rescue organization she was part of a litter of 10 pups. Her mom was found on the side of the freeway pregnant. She gave birth to the pups at the rescue. We went to the rescue to see another dog, an older puppy. But we ended up looking at the ‘new’ pups. This was going to be Nick’s dog, so we let him pick one. All the dogs were in a pen. Chloe was the one who was most interested in us, climbed over all her siblings to get over to us so we could pet her. Of course Nick wanted HER! So we told the lady we wanted her. Had to go downstairs and fill out papers and talk to the main lady. She said that there were already over 20 people interested in the pups, and that she didnt want to add anymore people to the list. We asked if we could please be on the list, just in case. Then she said she couldnt add us because her computer wasnt working. Stu piped up – “Whats wrong with your computer? I can fix it!”. And he did 🙂 Then she said “You can have the puppy. Which one do you want?”,, So that was how we got Chloe.

She was a great puppy. Potty trained quickly (we crate trained her and I think that worked wonders). We had the crate in Nicks room. I found out later that he would sneak her out of the crate and let her sleep on his bed. One night she chewed on the footboard of the bed. Nick yelled at her. She stopped and never did it again. Thats the kind of dog she was. If she got in trouble for something, she would NEVER do it again. She wanted to please, and she did! We had Chip at the time, who was not a pleaser – he was a brat. Haha. He got into things and just didnt care if you yelled at him. Chloe would tell on him. If he was trying to get in the trash, she would run up and get me.

Chloe loved our cat Ashley. She would give her huge kisses, wanted to cuddle with her, wanted to be with her always! Ashley would hide and Chloe would just wait for her to come back down. I dont think Ashley liked all the attention but she allowed it. And sometimes she would come down and mess with Chloe, so she must have enjoyed the puppy love a little.

Chloe had these eyes that just melted your soul. She was so in tune with us, and just the best dog. She automatically knew when you needed cuddles, and would be there! She listened, she always wanted us all to be happy. She was a great big sister to Rocco. She potty trained him, showed him how to use the doggy door, tried to stop him from doing things he wasnt suppose to – or would come tell on him so I could stop him. He absolutely loved her! She tolerated him 🙂

Chloe is now in doggy heaven and I think of her often. She was and always will be my sweet girl, Chloe.

Boxer Puppy Personalities

Boxer wears shades
Boxer Rocco and his cool shades

I watched this adorable video on Youtube last night, which pretty much sums up what it is like to own a boxer. Here is a link to the video – you should definitely watch it

Why Would you Choose a Boxer?

Boxers are puppies forever. Rocco is 4 years old and still acts like a pup. Boxers are fun! Boxers have incredible personalities. They are adorable, sweet, cuddly and up for anything!

If you watched the video I linked above, you will see how goofy they are, how different from just about any other breed they are, and how much fun boxers bring to the household.

Our boxer Rocco loves to sit on people’s laps. He actually ‘needs’ to be laying on something or someone at any given moment. He likes to sit on my lap, or lay next to me and lay his head on my lap. He likes to lay next to Chloe, our lab, on the floor and rest his head on her. She doesn’t like it very much, and sometimes growls at him, but he does it anyway.

Rocco is so excited when someone comes home. Chloe is, too, but she calms down right away. Rocco goes nuts for about 10 minutes. He wants to play. He will bark and encourage you to go into the yard and play some soccer with him. If you don’t he will bring toys to you, or sit there and stare at you until you give in and throw something for him.

He loves to play rough, but doesn’t really have anyone to roughhouse with. My husband will play with him sometimes, but only for a minute or two. Poeple get hurt. Rocco doesn’t mean to hurt anyone, he just gets carried away. As soon as you say ‘ouch’ he will stop immediately and look at you with the most adorable apologetic face.. Then kisses it is!

He chases anything that moves in the yard. A leaf, a lizard, a bird, squirrel… anything! He loves to chase bubbles. He concentrates on them and tries to catch every single one before it hits the lawn.

He talks a lot! He is very verbal. I wish we had one of the collars from the movie UP, so I could tell what he is saying. He says a lot. Boxers are verbal dogs. Its not just barking, but actual talking. I am trying to teach him to say MOM. He has said it several times, but not when I am asking him to, so I think its just a coincidence. Thats ok, I’ll take it! I love my boxer pup.

Dogs are Allowed! Dog Friendly stores.

I dont take my dogs shopping with me. Not because they are not allowed, but because I find it too hard to control them both at the same time. Chloe, our lab is fine. She would be easy, but

dogs on leash
doggies sitting nicely. Some stores are dog friendly, but that’s not where we’re going today.

Rocco is kind of hard to handle. He pulls on the leash and it would be really difficult to do any shopping with him in tow. I’d like to take them more places with me, but for now, I go alone.

I was at the grocery store earlier this morning and there was a lady with a corgi in the store. The dog was walking beside her very calmly, but it still seemed kind of wrong to have the dog in the grocery store. I didn’t say anything, her dog was not disruptive at all. I came home and decided to do some research to find out exactly which stores are dog friendly and which are not.

There are quite a few retail stores which allow dogs (I would call and verify the validity of this, but according to many, these retailers are dog friendly!) If the store is inside a mall, mall policies may prohibit bringing your dog, even though the store policy would allow it. All dogs must be on a leash, well behaved and under your full control. Here is the list of retail stores that are dog friendly:

  • Barnes & Noble
  • Lowes
  • Home Depot
  • Bed Bath & Beyond
  • Petco
  • Petsmart
  • Nordstroms (some are pet friendly, others are not)
  • Crate & Barrel
  • Foot Locker
  • Sas 5th Avenue
  • Old Navy
  • Macys – cant believe this is true, but their website says yes
  • Bloomingdales
  • Gap
  • Anthropologie
  • Pottery Barn
  • Banana Republic
  • Bebe
  • Restoration Hardware
  • Tiffany & Co
  • Marshalls
  • TJ Maxx
  • Home Goods
  • Michaels
  • JoAnns

Before getting your heart set on taking your dogs to one of these stores, please call ahead and verify. Some store locations may have different policies. Do you know of any other dog friendly retail stores, please comment below. I’ll add them to the list.


I have an older dog

Chloe, our 11 year old lab was sick the other day. It gave us a bit of a scare. She was vomiting every 20 minutes. It was so sad to watch. Nothing I could do to comfort her. After about an hour of it I called the vet. They said I should bring her in. Since she has some health issues, and is an older dog, we were a little scared.

sweet lab chloe
This is sweet Chloe cuddling with her purse

Chloe takes Rimadyl for her arthritis. I was told I should give her half a tablet daily to ‘maintain’ her comfort and for the most part that works. On days when she seems to be having trouble walking I was told I could give her an additional half tablet. Prior to the vomiting spell, I had given her the extra tablet. I thought that maybe it upset her stomach. When I told the vet that I had given the extra pill, she was even more concerned. She said that it could be toxic to her. Yikes!

So my daughter and I headed off to the vet. Chloe was excited to go for a ride. We went right after she had a vomiting spell, so I knew we had 20 minutes to get to the vet.  She normally loves the car, but she wasnt feeling well and just laid on the back seat. She whimpered a bit, which was so sad. We made it in time.

After a long wait we saw the dr. It was about 1am. She gave Chloe an exam and said that her heart and lungs are great, no masses, no blood in her stool, everything seemed normal. They wanted to take some blood to rule out other things. They gave her some fluids, an anti-nausea shot, an antacid and took her blood. The shot seemed to work, she did not vomit at all after that.

We were told to watch her carefully for the first 24 hours, withhold food and water until morning. Then feed a bland diet. I arranged to stay home with her all day the next day. Fed her small bland meals, and she started feeling better.

Results from the labwork came back normal. So that was great news! So maybe it was just something she ate, or a complication from her megaesophagus. Its now 2 days later and she was doing really well today. Appetite is back, she is moving around fine, acting normal 🙂 Crisis diverted.. Yay!

I love Chloe so much. She is the sweetest dog ever!  So glad she is ok!