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Vet visit – Pain & weight loss

May 10, 2016 Took Rocco to the vet today. Just for a evaluation / recheck sort of thing. He said the tumor is obviously growing, and its going to be more and more uncomfortable as time goes on. He thinks that some of the...

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Rimadyl Medication side effects

April 27, 2016 It’s me Rocco! Please pray for a miracle! Rocco is not in any pain that I can tell, but he is acting kind of doped up. He lays around and kind of stares off into space. He goes outside and just stands there. He...

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Rimadyl is the drug of choice

April 8, 2016 I spoke to two local vets that I trust and we have decided to hold off on the Prednisone. He is doing well right now, and we are going to give him Rimadyl instead and see if that’s enough to keep the...

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