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Elsie saw santa

Every single time I take Elsie out somewhere people comment on how great she is! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is so well-behaved in public.

We went to see Santa last week. We had to wait in line for over and hour. There were other dogs, lots of little kids, and quite a bit of foot traffic around us (we were at the mall). Not only was Elsie super patient, she greeted other dogs and people as they walked by. She is not forceful, she just walks up to people to say hello!

Socialized dogs are so great! There were many dogs in line. A few were crazier than others, but most of them had been socialized and waited nicely in line. The golden retrievers were barking at the other dogs, but were friendly. The german shepherds was well behaved and pretty calm, the little pugs were noisy, but well-behaved. Elsie was the only one who was actively greeting people, though. It was cute. She got lots of love.

She didn’t really want to see Santa, but allowed us to get a few pictures. Last year we couldn’t get closer than about 10 feet from him, so this year was a definite improvement.

Here is one of the pictures we got from our visit. Santa was in a great mood tonight, despite seeing so many kids and dogs. We got to the mall about 5:30 and the line was maybe about 20 people/dogs long. When we left about 7pm, it had grown to maybe 100 people/dogs. I hope Santa got a little bit of a rest. He still had to get back to the North Pole to make toys! He is sure a busy man this time of year.

Santa will surely bring Elsie something special. She was so good in line, and so good with him!

If you are looking for a dog that is great with kids (all ages), loves socializing, and is not aggressive at all, try a lab! They are such amazing dogs with the best temperment. People ask me all the time if she is a trained therapy dog. No, she is not. She has had training and I am sure that has helped, but she just has a sweet temperment.

Santa Rocco says Happy Holidays

December 25, 2015

Santa Rocco says Happy Holidays
Santa Rocco says Happy Holidays

Santa Rocco speaking: I love Christmas. Mom and Dad buy me new toys! I have to sit and wait while they stack up all the presents by each of them. I have a stack, too. Mom caught me trying to open one of my gifts the other day. I guess I wasn’t quite stealth enough. I was a little embarrassed when she caught me, but I got over it. She never stays mad for long. If I give her my “I’m so sorry” face, then she always forgives me. She is a great mommy! Back to Christmas, I knew I wanted to open this one present, it smelled like meat! I kept staring at it until finally they let me open it. Oh my gosh, it was just what a wanted. A new beef flavored nylabone. I love those things! I ran into the other room to chew on it, so no one would come try to take it. Now, that I think about it, I dont think anyone has ever tried to take one from me. I went back in and sat by Grandma. She has long nails and I love it when she scratches under my collar. I helped her open one of her presents. She got a shirt or something. BORING! But she was sure happy with it. ¬†After everyone opened all the gifts, and I had taken all my new toys and put them in by my other toys, we got to have breakfast. They always let me have a little bit of whatever they are eating when its a holiday. I love that about my family.

As far as dog wishes go, I think all of mine have been granted. I have a family who spoils me rotten. A nice warm bed (I actually have several beds), food, water, lots of balls to play with and all the love any dog could want.