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Looking for a new puppy?

Looking for a healthy, gorgeous new puppy?   Are you looking for a new puppy? Elsie & Henry’s breeder has English labrador puppies available now. If you are interested, go to her website and contact her. She is a...

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Our dog has Oral Papilloma!

Henry (our younger lab) has an Oral Papilloma wart! Poor Henry has an oral papilloma wart. You can see it in the photo. It looks like a tooth, but its actually a hard white wart on his tongue. I will say, it doesn’t seem...

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Henry had liver damage

Sept 16, 2020 Henry had liver damage from the allergic reaction. He is FINE now.. So don’t worry. But I will tell you the whole story so you’re caught up. The Surgery The neuter ended up being successfully completed,...

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Henry got neutered!

September 1, 2020 Henry got neutered today. It was a rough day! I dropped him off bright and early with our favorite vet. They were going to do the surgery later that morning. About 1pm the vet called and told me that when he...

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Elsie has goopy eyes

Goopy Eyes About 3 weeks ago Elsie started having goopy eyes. It would be fine and then I would look at her and the eye goop had dripped down an inch or so down her cheek. I cleaned it up with a warm damp cloth, and she would be...

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