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Another new puppy!

Getting another black lab puppy! 

Well, guess what? One dog is never enough for us! Elsie has been the only dog for 3 years. She wants a playmate! We have decided to get her a little brother!

Her dog mom has had another litter, and we have first pick of the boys. There were only 5 puppies in the litter, and only 2 boys, but we get to choose which one we want. Its a different dog dad, so this puppy will be Elsie’s half brother 🙂 

The mom is Lovey, who is now about 5 years old. She is a gorgeous jet black English lab. She looks a lot like Elsie, but bigger. Prince is the dad of this litter. He is super handsome and huge! He is a 100 lb yellow lab. We have not seen him in person, but the photos say enough!

So the puppies were born August 17, 2019. The boys are way bigger than the girls in the litter. Look at the photo! The two huge pups are the boys. This was taken when they were 10 days old.  Its hard to take good pictures of black dogs. I will do my best to get good shots when we go to pick the one we want when they are 5 weeks old.

How will we know which one we want? I think we should be able to tell a little about their personalities at that time. I hope that one just calls out to us and makes it obvious which one to choose. 

Cute Dog Contests. Try one!

Dog contests are everywhere! Dog owners are proud of their doggies. Many of us treat them just like every other member of the family. We want to talk about them. We want to share stories and pictures of them. Many websites capitalize on that and have Cute Dog Contests. You can win a spot on a calendar, your dog can be dog of the week on a website, you can win actual cash prizes, and many other things. Some contests ask you to choose specific themed pictures, others want puppies, some want older dogs. Some require a ‘donation’, all of them ask you to register for their site. Most registrations are simple, and free. Contests are fun!

Here are a few that you can sign up for:
Page a Day Calendar
Modern Dog Magazine
Pamered Puppy
Canine Superstar
Dog Channel
Old Farmers Almanac

I signed up for one. Well, its not really a contest, its just a cute dog voting site where people can ‘love’ a picture of a dog with a certain name, then the one with the most votes becomes the “Top Dog” with that name. I signed up Chloe and Rocco for this contest. Please vote for them! Then submit your own cute doggie(s).

VOTE FOR ROCCO                                                    VOTE FOR CHLOE

Rocco's Selfie - contest entry
Rocco wanted to take a selfie
puppy dog Chloe. Contest entry
Chloe as a puppy dog

Rocco loves Soccer Balls

Our dog Rocco loves Soccer balls. He likes them a little flat and a little shredded. He enjoys chasing the ball when we kick it (if he actually lets us kick it), he enjoys throwing it around the yard by himself, too. Friends save old soccer balls for him, and he is very appreciative!

Does he ever let us play? Well, sometimes. He loves to tease us, act like he is going to let us kick it, but then grab it at the last minute.  But then there are days where he will let me kick it 100 times. It just depends.  One trick I use to get him to let me play is to give Chloe attention. He gets jealous and will bring me the ball.

Over the past few years, he has been through MANY balls.  A friend of mine asked me if I have pictures of him with all the various balls. Do I? Well, I have MANY pictures of him with various soccer balls. Here are some:

Rocco Soccer ball
Rocco with a soccer ball. One of many!
running soccer ball
Rocco running through the yard with a soccer ball
kick soccer ball
Rocco waiting for me to kick the ball
no kicking my ball
Rocco is not going to let me kick it
ball on couch
Sometimes the balls come in the house
ball on couch
another ball that snuck inside
shredded ball
This ball is getting to be a little too shredded
my ball
This is MY ball, you cant take it!