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Happy Birthday Rocco – Let’s Party!

April 25, 2016

Happy Birthday Rocco. We had his party on Saturday and it was a great success. We did not invite any dogs, all the guests were the humans he loves most! My husband and I, our kids and their significant others and my mom. It was the perfect group. Rocco was so happy!

Happy Birthday Rocco
Happy Birthday Rocco. Peanut Butter Treats

Before the party I went running around trying to find doggie ice cream. I thought for sure that Petsmart would have it – NO. Target – NO. Finally found it at Albertsons. But while at Petsmart I found these little peanut butter cup looking treats. Grabbed a box for Rocco. When I got home I gave him one. He was a little unsure what to do with it. He was droooling! He knew he wanted to eat it. LOL So anyway, took him a minute but he figured it out. He loved it!

The party was fun. We all really did whatever Rocco wanted to do. My daughter and her boyfriend brought bubbles for him. He is afraid of toys now, and I completely forgot about how much he loves bubbles. He was in heaven. They played for a long time! Rocco came in and was exhausted. We had a bbq and of course Rocco got his very own burger. He scarfed it down! I gave him his normal dinner first because I knew he wouldn’t want to eat THAT after having a yummy burger.

For dessert he got to have some doggie ice cream. It was so cute, he ate it very carefully and deliberately. Didnt want to miss a drop! My daughter put a candle on for him.

Happy birthday Rocco
Happy Birthday Rocco. Have some ice cream!

We obviously didn’t make him blow it out. But it made for a cute photo.  I got him two boxes of the little ice cream cups. Frozen Paws I think it was called. Its easy for him to eat and something cold might make his jaw feel better.

After all that we put on the animal channel so he could watch some tv. We wanted My Cat from Hell. It kept his attention for a little, but then he fell asleep! He had a very full day. Full of fun and love from all his favorite people. I think he had a great birthday party!

I hope that we can celebrate with him again next year!! Miracles happen all the time 🙂

National Dog Day – Celebrate your doggies

National Dog Day
These are my dogs that I celebrate everyday

Did you celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th? We did. Well, sort of. I posted a couple pictures of my cute puppy dogs on Facebook, wished everyone a Happy National Dog Day and I gave the doggies some extra loving, and a couple extra treats.

How did you celebrate? Did you even know there was such a thing as National Dog Day? Well, there is and this was the 10th year. You can visit the official National Dog Day website for more info.

I think there are many holidays that most of us are unaware of the real reason, how and why it became a holiday, etc. Not that this is a big holiday like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Independence Day, but it seems like many people celebrate it – so I thought I would find out how it originated, and how people celebrate it.

Apparently it was formed in 2004 to honor dogs, to give them “a day”, to show our deep appreciation for the historical connection of companionship with one another. Its focus is to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and to encourage getting your pets from reputable breeders, or from the Animal Shelter. 

I think that is a pretty good mission and I am going to think of a great way to honor my doggies more often and this website will try to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters! Here is one site that helps with that: The Shelter Pet Project. Click on the link to Find dogs in local shelters that need homes!

If you want to help donate money or items to your local Animal Shelter. I recently took over a pile of old sheets and towels and they were very appreciative. Our local shelter is a no-kill shelter, so they are always filled to the brim with animals to adopt. I am going to try to help them more often.