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3rd Week with Henry

Saturday marks the end of our 3rd week with Henry. It seems like we just got him, and actually three weeks is not that long, but he has experienced a lot already. We had a fire nearby, so we had to prepare to evacuate. The air...

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Meet Our New English Lab Puppy

Our New Lab Puppy Well, we got our new English lab puppy. He is the cutest little guy ever! We got him on October 12, 2019. He was 8 weeks and 1 day old. When the breeder handed him to me, he cuddled into me and put his head on...

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Puppy Vaccines (Shots)

I’ve been researching puppy vaccines (shots) the past couple days, so that I am ready for our new little puppy! The information I am sharing is specific to California, so it may vary where you live. Why Should You...

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We met our puppy

My husband and I met our puppy this weekend. Had to go pretty far (over 3 hours) to meet our new little black English labrador puppy, and our visit was very brief – we only got to see him for a couple minutes, and the two...

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Another new puppy!

Getting another black lab puppy!  Well, guess what? One dog is never enough for us! Elsie has been the only dog for 3 years. She wants a playmate! We have decided to get her a little brother! Her dog mom has had another litter,...

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