Just want to say how much I love dogs! Life is not complete without a sweet doggy to welcome you when you come home 🙂

Do you have dogs? How many have you owned? I have always had at least one dog, ever since we got our first dog when I was about 12 years old. Our first dog was a border collie mix that I loved so much! He was so smart and fun! He was easy to train and loved being around us.

Fast forward many years in the future.. Dogs are and will always be in my life, for as long as I am able to care for them. They bring a contentment, an unconditional love that you just don’t get from people. They dont judge you, they love you at your best and at your worst.  I read a lady’s shirt the other day, it said “Be the person your dog thinks you are!”. That about sums it up!

I love dogs!