March 26, 2015

Dog Parks. People either love them or hate them. Well, add us to the group that hates them, UNLESS there is no one else there – then we LOVE them!

Let me explain. When Rocco was a puppy we took the dogs a few times to the local dog park. It was usually fine. A couple times we saw dog fights, or aggressive dogs running around tackling other dogs. We just tried to keep Chloe and Rocco at the other end. Well, one day we walked in and a huge shepherd attacked Rocco. Knocked him to the ground and help him there. This other dog’s hair was up on his neck, and I was freaking out. The owner hit him and pulled him off. We left! Thank goodness Rocco was not hurt.

About 2 months later we decided to go again. I took my son with me, and we went during an off-peak time. Well, Rocco decided that HE was going to be the one tackling the other dogs. First one he saw, he ran over to him and knocked him to the ground. Thank goodness Nick was with me, he helped get Rocco off the other dog and we apologized and left. We never went back. I don’t want to be ‘that’ person.

So recently they opened a new dog park at the park near our house. There is no way I was going to take him when other dogs are there, so we just go for our walks and if no one is in the park, I take him and let him play. He loves it! He runs around smelling all the smells, peeing on all the trees, treasure hunting for left behind balls and frisbees. He has so much fun!

So I guess the bottom line is: we love EMPTY dog parks!