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Elsie saw santa

Every single time I take Elsie out somewhere people comment on how great she is! Not only is she drop dead gorgeous, she is so well-behaved in public.

We went to see Santa last week. We had to wait in line for over and hour. There were other dogs, lots of little kids, and quite a bit of foot traffic around us (we were at the mall). Not only was Elsie super patient, she greeted other dogs and people as they walked by. She is not forceful, she just walks up to people to say hello!

Socialized dogs are so great! There were many dogs in line. A few were crazier than others, but most of them had been socialized and waited nicely in line. The golden retrievers were barking at the other dogs, but were friendly. The german shepherds was well behaved and pretty calm, the little pugs were noisy, but well-behaved. Elsie was the only one who was actively greeting people, though. It was cute. She got lots of love.

She didn’t really want to see Santa, but allowed us to get a few pictures. Last year we couldn’t get closer than about 10 feet from him, so this year was a definite improvement.

Here is one of the pictures we got from our visit. Santa was in a great mood tonight, despite seeing so many kids and dogs. We got to the mall about 5:30 and the line was maybe about 20 people/dogs long. When we left about 7pm, it had grown to maybe 100 people/dogs. I hope Santa got a little bit of a rest. He still had to get back to the North Pole to make toys! He is sure a busy man this time of year.

Santa will surely bring Elsie something special. She was so good in line, and so good with him!

If you are looking for a dog that is great with kids (all ages), loves socializing, and is not aggressive at all, try a lab! They are such amazing dogs with the best temperment. People ask me all the time if she is a trained therapy dog. No, she is not. She has had training and I am sure that has helped, but she just has a sweet temperment.

National Dog Day – Celebrate your doggies

National Dog Day
These are my dogs that I celebrate everyday

Did you celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th? We did. Well, sort of. I posted a couple pictures of my cute puppy dogs on Facebook, wished everyone a Happy National Dog Day and I gave the doggies some extra loving, and a couple extra treats.

How did you celebrate? Did you even know there was such a thing as National Dog Day? Well, there is and this was the 10th year. You can visit the official National Dog Day website for more info.

I think there are many holidays that most of us are unaware of the real reason, how and why it became a holiday, etc. Not that this is a big holiday like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Independence Day, but it seems like many people celebrate it – so I thought I would find out how it originated, and how people celebrate it.

Apparently it was formed in 2004 to honor dogs, to give them “a day”, to show our deep appreciation for the historical connection of companionship with one another. Its focus is to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and to encourage getting your pets from reputable breeders, or from the Animal Shelter. 

I think that is a pretty good mission and I am going to think of a great way to honor my doggies more often and this website will try to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters! Here is one site that helps with that: The Shelter Pet Project. Click on the link to Find dogs in local shelters that need homes!

If you want to help donate money or items to your local Animal Shelter. I recently took over a pile of old sheets and towels and they were very appreciative. Our local shelter is a no-kill shelter, so they are always filled to the brim with animals to adopt. I am going to try to help them more often.

Cute Dog Contests. Try one!

Dog contests are everywhere! Dog owners are proud of their doggies. Many of us treat them just like every other member of the family. We want to talk about them. We want to share stories and pictures of them. Many websites capitalize on that and have Cute Dog Contests. You can win a spot on a calendar, your dog can be dog of the week on a website, you can win actual cash prizes, and many other things. Some contests ask you to choose specific themed pictures, others want puppies, some want older dogs. Some require a ‘donation’, all of them ask you to register for their site. Most registrations are simple, and free. Contests are fun!

Here are a few that you can sign up for:
Page a Day Calendar
Modern Dog Magazine
Pamered Puppy
Canine Superstar
Dog Channel
Old Farmers Almanac

I signed up for one. Well, its not really a contest, its just a cute dog voting site where people can ‘love’ a picture of a dog with a certain name, then the one with the most votes becomes the “Top Dog” with that name. I signed up Chloe and Rocco for this contest. Please vote for them! Then submit your own cute doggie(s).

VOTE FOR ROCCO                                                    VOTE FOR CHLOE

Rocco's Selfie - contest entry
Rocco wanted to take a selfie

puppy dog Chloe. Contest entry
Chloe as a puppy dog

One dog, two dogs, or more?

sleeping dogs
Rocco and Chloe sleeping

I was just reading on a dog owners forum about how many dogs different families have. It was interesting to see what people had to say.

I have two dogs and I think I would like to always have two dogs. Rocco is a boxer, young, playful and in your face! Chloe is a lab mix, older, calm, sweet and so patient with Rocco.  I think they enjoy each others company. I am sure that Chloe would rather be left alone at times, but overall, I think she loves Rocco. When she has had enough of him, or when she doesn’t want to be bothered, she lifts her lip and growls at him. He backs off!

On many occasions I find them cuddled up together sleeping. It is so cute. I think having two dogs also gives the dogs companionship during the day. What do they do when we are not home? Im not sure. They probably lay on the couch and sleep much of the day. They also spend a good part of the day watching the yard. We have open space around us, and they watch for intruders to chase away. Rocco loves to chase bunnies and squirrels. Chloe seems to go after birds.

Since Chloe is getting older, she doesnt enjoy roughhousing, while Rocco would love it.  I think when we get our next dog, I will get them closer in age. I think that would make them each happier. Chloe was very motherly towards Rocco when he was a pup. We got him when he was about 10 weeks old. Chloe showed him how to go outside and go potty, she growled when he was doing something wrong, when we went for rides in the car, she would use her body as a seatbelt to keep him safe.

I am glad our two dogs are a similar size. I dont think its a necessity, but it is easier when we go for walks. I see people with a big dog and a small one and they look like they have a hard time.

I have read that its better for your second do to be the opposite sex as the first dog. That makes a lot of sense. If they are both the same sex, they will have to determine who is the alpha dog, and who is not. This may result in fights among the dogs, and a hard time getting along. Some dogs may get overly aggressive or way too passive after the fight for dominance. Its not always the case, but if you can avoid this situation, that would be a good idea.

Is it easier to have two dogs vs. one dog? No. There are now two pets that need love and attention. One is generally more jealous (Rocco) and makes it hard for Chloe to get attention. We make it work, of course. Training is harder with more than one dog. They dont have the same training needs, but they are both around all the time so both need to be included.  When one is ill or hurt, its hard to keep the other dog from bothering them without isolating them.

There are many things to consider when deciding how many dogs you want to have. I recommend reading lots of information, listen to experienced dog owners, and make the decision that works best for your family. To me having two dogs means double the puppy dog love!

dogs sleeping
Rocco using Chloe as a pillow