This was written July 28, 2015

Today was our appointment at the Animal Eye Specialist near our home. Rocco, our boxer, has a problem with his left eye, and now we know what it is – well, not exactly, but we are heading in the right direction go to my site.

After a very thorough exam, they determined that there is a mass behind his eye, that is pushing on his eye and forcing it out towards the front of the face. So the eye is being pressed up against the bones of the face/skull. The resulting redness and swelling is from the pressure and from being pressed up against the bones. Ouch! I feel so bad for Rocco. I am sure its much more painful than I originally thought.

We will need to get an MRI to see exactly what we are dealing with. Its back behind his eye and there is no real way to see it. It can be a tumor, a cyst, an infection of some sort.. His right eye looks normal, so thats good. They also said that he cant see out of the left eye. We had no idea. I wish we had visited the Animal Eye Specialist a couple months ago!

I have a feeling this is going to be a very expensive endeavor .. but necessary to find out whats going on with Rocco.  I will keep you posted!!!