Rocco has a red eye
This is Rocco and Chloe. See Rocco’s left eye. Thats the problem!

Swollen eyelid and redness!

Catching everyone up. I am posting these these after the original date they were written. June 2, 2015 – Rocco, our boxer has a very swollen and red third eyelid. We have been to the vet three times already for this problem. The first time she thought it was an infection, or maybe something in his eye. She cleaned it out real well, did the pressure test, and the tear test. Everything came back normal, so we proceeded with the antibiotics. Did nothing. I feel so bad for Rocco. I can tell it really bothers him!

Went back in a few weeks later. Eye was about the same. She thought that maybe it was allergies. Using allergy eye drops seemed to help the swelling a tad, and got rid of the redness. But after a month of drops, he still had a swollen eyelid, and it was just a tad bit less red.  Eye definitely not getting any better. Rocco is such a trouper, he is trying to just deal with it. He lets me clean the eye, he lets me put the drops in, he lets me put the compress on it. Such a sweet boy.

Called vet again – she suggested a different antibiotic drop. She couldn’t think of anything else it could be. Well, that did nothing. Upon doing a bunch of research I found that boxers have eye problems! It can be a bunch of different things, so I decided to call the Animal Eye specialist nearby. Wish I would have done it sooner.

Off to a Specialist

The eye specialist doctor was incredible. She knew right away that this was something much more than allergies or an infection. Instead of putting us through a bunch of expensive tests, she referred us to a Specialist Hospital for further diagnostics and treatment.