Rocco's Selfie

Rocco wanted to take a selfie

Written July 30, 2015

Today is the day for Eye specialist to get more answers. MRI time! Poor Rocco. He is not a happy camper. His eye looks worse than ever. I just dropped him off at the Animal Specialist Hospital for some tests. They are going to do xrays, blood work, spinal tap and his MRI.  I am so worried that we are going to get bad news. I love this doggy so much, I just want him to be OK. He didn’t want me to leave him today. I think he is scared, too. Dogs are so intuitive in that way, he could probably tell how afraid I was. Its so hard having a family member with a serious illness, whether its a human child or a furry child!

Afternoon update: Rocco’s spinal tap results look normal. That eliminates some of the less dangerous possibilities, but actually it’s still good news. Other than the mass he is very healthy. All his blood work came back fine. They think his ‘only’ problem is a mass on his optic nerve. They could see it in the xray and the MRI. Its either a cyst or a tumor. Supposedly tumors are very common in boxers so the vet was preparing me for the worst. I actually prefer to know the truth. I am not a sugar coating person. I want all the info!

I am still going to pray that its only a cyst. Either way the mass and the eye needs to be removed. Whatever it is is engulfing the optic nerve and going up into, or against brain tissue. Next step – talk to the surgeon and get more info. I am really afraid to hear how much this is all going to cost. I love my Rocco so much, of course I am going to try to do whatever possible for him.