August 7, 2015

Rocco is coming home! I am so relieved – he is doing better! Dr told me that he has been on oral meds now and seems comfortable. He is alert and is acting happy to see people. They are going to get him walking around and eating. He is swollen still, but that’s normal. His incision is scabbing up, so everything now is as expected. Yay!

He will have the cone on for 2 weeks which is going to make things difficult – he won’t be able to use the doggy door, but hopefully that will be the only problem. (Except for the bill – maybe we will win the lotto).

Later the same day: Rocco is home! He is kind of out of it, a little disoriented, having a hard time getting comfortable, but happy to be home. We moved the crate downstairs, and we have to keep him calm . The words ‘calm’ and ‘Rocco’ are not typically used together. The first couple days will be tough. Pills on different time schedules and I need to put a cold compress in his eye every 3-4 hours. He HATES the cone. Wont even sit down. Just standing there. He is so tired, I can tell. He wont lie down. Whatever it takes! So happy to have him home!

<a href="http://www.puppydoggies helpful” rel=”attachment wp-att-193″>surgeryAugust 8: Rocco update (Saturday am): Rocco is doing pretty good. He only sleeps for about 20 minutes at a time, but he is getting more and more comfortable. The cone is not happening! He freaks out when it’s on – just stands in one spot. He doesn’t want to sit or lay down – practically falls asleep standing up! I took it off and have just been watching him so he doesn’t like the leg medicine patch or try to scratch his eye. He ate breakfast this morning and is ow laying next to me on the couch napping. I’m exhausted, but happy he is home and getting better. I sent Lindsey out to get an inflatable cone, maybe that will be more comfortable for him.. Otherwise we will just have to watch him very carefully. I cant miss work, but Lindsey is still off for summer – she will be my helper ?

August 9th update: Rocco update (Sunday eve): it was a good day. Rocco seems to be feeling better and better each day. The swelling has gone down almost all the way. Here is a picture of him sleeping. In the bright light it doesn’t look as good as this, but I thought you might like to see him. Hoping for a nice, restful evening. I have to go to work tomorrow. Lindsey is going to babysit Rocco. She is the best daughter!!!