Written August 3, 2015totheVet

We are finally going to meet with the surgeon on Saturday to come up with a plan of attack on what to do about Rocco’s eye. I am not sure what the hold up is – they already have the xrays, bloodwork, MRI, spinal tap results.. what else do they need? This place is about 20 miles from our house, and I its hard for me to keep driving down there. It’s so emotional for me, and I have to make the appointments around my work schedule, which just adds stress. I think Rocco knows whats going on, too. So its sad. I am trying to do fun things with him and Chloe, to keep his mind off it, but I know his eye is sore and he probably wants it fixed. Maybe somehow he knows that they are going to fix it??

This picture is Rocco on the way to the vet this morning.

Saturday update (after the vet visit): I left Rocco there – they are doing the surgery TODAY! August 5, 2015. I was a wreck at the vet. I know he is in good hands and that they will do everything they can for him – but the whole day has been just horrible. The vet was awesome explaining everything but I just worry so much about Rocco. They came up with a plan to remove the entire eye/optic nerve, whatever tumor (they are 90% sure its a tumor and not a cyst) they can easily access first. Then go back in and get whatever they can get without going into the brain. The surgeon was nervous about the part up in/against the brain. He couldnt tell from the MRI if its just up against the brain tissue or rocco EYEif its already gone into the brain. I about lost it when he said that. ┬áIt is going to cost a fortune! We have done so much already, we have to move forward. I dont want Rocco suffering any longer. I am sure that eye is very painful for him.

This picture was right before they took him in. You cant really see his left eye, but isnt his right eye perfect?