August 16, 2015

Rocco update: (Sunday afternoon) he got his stitches out this morning! Doc says he is doing amazing, he is healing well. No news on the tumor yet, hopefully by the end of the week. Rocco will stay on his pain medications thru Wednesday, and is still restricted from playing outside unsupervised. His jaw is still sore, so soft food for a few more days. He is resting comfortably, and seems pain free (other than the jaw). He still has not really tried to scratch his surgery area or rub it on anything. Even though the stitches have been removed, if he rubs it too hard or scratches the area just right, he can rip the area where the stitches were. I am SOOOO glad that Lindsey is able and willing to stay with him.

I am going to sleep well tonight. I think the weight is being lifted a little as each day passes and he feels better. Its like having a sick child, you feel helpless sometimes to fix things. Just takes time. Chloe has been so sweet to him. He just wants to cuddle with her, and although I know she doesn’t really want to cuddle with him, she allows it. She is the best dog ever! She really is.

Chloe Relaxing

Chloe relaxing out front

I know she isn’t feeling great either. She is just getting old and her bones ache. She never complains. She cant hear very well, but maybe she enjoys that. I see her declining the past 6 months or so. Just more days that she doesn’t really want to eat, she sleeps a lot more, she has a hard time getting up, she has a hard time walking too far, I think it even hurts her sometimes when she goes out to go potty and her rear legs need to support her. She has the arthritis meds, and I think that helps. She will be 14 in November, which is pretty old for a lab. I sure love her!