dogs sleeping

Rocco using Chloe as a pillow

October 31, 2015

Halloween is a fun time of year for most of us. Pets, however, not so much. We live on a street that is not heavily ‘trick-or-treated’. We maybe get 5 groups of kids at the most, but its still hard on them. The doorbell rings & they want to greet the guests! I keep them in the other room, behind the gate usually, so they dont scare the kiddos.

Some people keep their pups in the backyard – but that’s probably hard on the dogs, too. They hear all the kids running around, screaming in joy, parents yelling for their kids to stay out of the street, etc. I asked a few friends what their strategy is for their dogs on Halloween. Here is what they said:

My one friend said she locks the dogs in her bedroom. Turns the tv on really loud and just lets them be in there while she takes her kids out trick or treating, and her husband is home passing out the candy. They live in a neighborhood with lots of kids, so I am sure they get lots of activity.She says the dogs (she has 2 little dogs) seem fine. When she is ready to turn off the porch light, she goes up and lets the dogs out.

Another friend of mine sits out front with her dog. He is a giant mastiff-mix dog is and is pretty mellow. They sit outside and the kids come up to get the candy from them. She said her dog pretty much just lays there. So for her, thats a great solution. I actually did this a couple years, but with the lack of trick or treaters on our street – it was pretty boring! And it was cold. If a bunch of kids came, it would have been fun!

My other friend told me that they take the dogs with them trick or treating, and then when they get home they let the dogs watch them answer the door. Yikes! Their one pupĀ is kind of crazy. like Rocco, so I cant imagine how she handles it. She says its stressful for her but the dogs enjoy it. She keeps the dogs on a very short leash while out with her kids gathering treats. She walks in the street so they are not in the way of little ones. What do you do with your pets?