Written August 5, 2015

Rocco has a red eye

This is Rocco and Chloe. See Rocco’s left eye. Thats the problem!

Surgery update: What a day! Poor Rocco has been through a lot. He is now out of surgery and resting comfortably. They didn’t start the surgery until about 3. Its now almost 8pm and they finally called with the update (originally scheduled for 11am). I have been worried all day long!!! They think for sure its cancer. But they wont know exactly what kind or any details until the tumor comes back. They sent it out to get analyzed. The tumor appears to have started on the optic nerve. They removed the eye, the optic nerve all the way up to where it branches off to the other eye (which is still fine thank goodness!!!!!). He went up against the brain but not into it. He said some of the tumor appears to have gone into brain tissue.  They did a neurology test and all brain function is normal. I think thats what they called it. So they dont think the tumor is affecting anything in his brain. Yay!

So right now Rocco is only heavy pain meds, and they will continue through the night. If everything goes as expected, he will come home tomorrow night. They have a staff overnight who will watch him like a hawk – just to make sure things stabilize. My poor little guy!!! Please pray for Rocco!!! And if you are independently wealthy ….

August 6th update: Just spoke to the surgeon. Rocco needs to stay another night. They tried to wean him off the injectible pain meds but he was still having lots of pain and discomfort. They want to keep him on the higher does for a little longer. He is very swollen and they want to get that under control, too.  Oh man.. I just wish I could fast forward a few months to when he is all healed and doing well 🙂  Chloe misses him, believe it or not. She keeps wandering around looking for him. She is such a sweetheart. She knows I am upset and just sits with me, comforting me. I love dogs <3