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Henry is 6 months old!

Henry is already 6 months old. This time has sure flown by. He wasn’t a tiny little puppy for very long. He has grown up so fast. He is HUGE! He is taller than Elsie. He has super long legs! I feel a little ripped off that...

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Elsie is almost 2 years old!

These 2 years have sure gone by quick! It seems like we just got Elsie. She is such a sweetie pie! She really is a great dog. Is she perfect? Heck no. Does she still get into stuff? Yes! Does she still act like a crazy person...

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Elsie is on a doggy diet!

I am not sure why, but it is weird having to put a dog on a diet. Elsie definitely loves food, and is very food motivated. I didn’t realize that we were feeding her too much, though. I have never had a dog that I needed to...

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Our silly puppy

Elsie is so silly. She loves to be bratty just to get our attention. She doesn’t enjoy good attention as much as she prefers us to try to get us to chase her. We don’t chase her, but that’s what she wants....

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Elsie is 1 year old now!

Sorry, I haven’t kept up with this. Elsie turned 1 in April. She is a fun dog! If you’ve never had a lab, you should think about getting one! Never a dull day! She is a very typical lab. Social, friendly, a little...

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I love my dog

Just want to say how much I love dogs! Life is not complete without a sweet doggy to welcome you when you come home 🙂 Do you have dogs? How many have you owned? I have always had at least one dog, ever since we got our first dog...

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