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Rocco’s Eye update

August 10, 2015 – Rocco Eye Update Monday morning: I’ve spent the morning with the pups today! Rocco was in good spirits and very excited to spend the morning with me!! Chloe was excited too! We cuddled up on the...

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Boxer Eyelid swollen and red

This is Rocco and Chloe. See Rocco’s left eye. Thats the problem! Swollen eyelid and redness! Catching everyone up. I am posting these these after the original date they were written. June 2, 2015 – Rocco, our boxer has a very...

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Rocco loves Soccer Balls

Our dog Rocco loves Soccer balls. He likes them a little flat and a little shredded. He enjoys chasing the ball when we kick it (if he actually lets us kick it), he enjoys throwing it around the yard by himself, too. Friends...

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