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Elsie is on a doggy diet!

dog diet
Elsie is such a happy dog!

I am not sure why, but it is weird having to put a dog on a diet. Elsie definitely loves food, and is very food motivated. I didn’t realize that we were feeding her too much, though. I have never had a dog that I needed to watch their weight. I knew she was chubby, but it wasn’t until we went to the vet last time for some vaccines that they said she needed to lose about 10 pounds! She is an English lab, so she will never be thin, they are built sturdier than other labs, but she needs to lose some bulk.

Elsie is an active dog, when we are home. I think during the day she lays around and rests, though. She does go to doggy daycare once a week, for some playtime and socialization. She sure loves that! As soon as we get close, she starts breathing hard and getting excited! She practically breaks down their gate to get inside!

Back to the diet. I put her on grain free, weight maintenance food. I also only feed about 2/3 of what it says on the bag. Vet said they always recommend more than the dogs actually need when they create the amounts on the bag. Don’t worry, she is not starving. I add a little coconut oil (for her coat), a little canned pure pumpkin,  some peas, carrots and broccoli. She loves the veggies!!

So far she has lost about 6 pounds – it has been about 2 months. So its a healthy rate of loss. She seems happy, doesn’t seem to be hungry, I think its a great diet for her! She still does get a little treat now and then, but I am watching it a bit more than I was before. I dont want her to have excess weight, labs get hip dysplasia and hopefully this will help her NOT get that!

Elsie is such a great dog, she is so sweet and fun! I love labs!

Elsie is 1 year old now!

Sorry, I haven’t kept up with this. Elsie turned 1 in April. She is a fun dog! If you’ve never had a lab, you should think about getting one! Never a dull day!

Just relaxing on the couch

She is a very typical lab. Social, friendly, a little goofy and into everything! She loves everyone! We go for our daily walks, and many days a week we also go to the dogpark. She plays nicely with every dog we meet. She likes to run and chase, but gets frustrated quickly if she can’t keep up. It’s really cute to watch her at the dogpark – she is one of the greeters. When she sees a dog coming up the walkway, she runs to the gate to greet them!

Elsie is really good on walks. She likes to walk slightly ahead of me, but she doesn’t pull. We need to stop and sniff and smell everything we pass. If a dog goes by on the other side of the street, she nods to say hello and we continue on our way. She is not dog aggressive at all, even when other dogs bark at her.  Sometimes she will bark back and then move on.

Elsie enjoys meeting people along the walks. She sometimes barks at them, but its not in a mean way. I think she is saying HELLO! She gets comfortable with the people pretty quick.  As a lab, she needs to carry things on our walks back home. I use to bring her collapsible bowl, and that’s what she would carry home, but now I don’t bring that with us. She knows how to drink from the water bottle, so I just bring a bottle that carries that home for me. Its her ‘job’.

I love Elsie so much! She is turning into a wonderful dog and I look forward to coming home to her each day!

Rocco is doing great!

October 2, 2015

Rocco’s eye is completely healed, I think he really feels fine! There doesnt seem to be any discomfort, except he has some itching. I think its internal itching. He rubs his eye against the couch, or the edge of the bed. I rub it for him, too. Not too much else we can do, but other than that once in a while he is doing great! He is back to his old self, but seems to be more attached to me now. He has always been MY dog, but now he is even moreso. Maybe because of his ordeal, not sure.

He has been having a great time playing outside, chasing squirrels, playing soccer, going for walks, whatever! Life is good in Rocco land.

Look what I found Mom!

A friend of mine gave us a few new balls and he has been in heaven.  Then I went to a garage sale and found this very colorful ball for 50 cents. I had it in a bag in the living room (room he doesn’t go into normally). I was vacuuming and he came in to see what I was doing. I forgot about the ball. I had just given him one from my friend so I was saving it until that one died. Anyway, I heard this happy little squeal type noise and looked over and he had the new colorful ball. He was so excited, he grabbed it and took it outside. I went out with him and got this adorable picture of him!

Unfortunately that ball didnt last long. It was a very thin leatherette style cover and it ripped off pretty quick – but he did fully enjoy it for a day or so!  I look for soccer balls whenever I see garage sales – he loves the soft / almost flat balls the best.

Rocco is coming home!

August 7, 2015

Rocco is coming home! I am so relieved – he is doing better! Dr told me that he has been on oral meds now and seems comfortable. He is alert and is acting happy to see people. They are going to get him walking around and eating. He is swollen still, but that’s normal. His incision is scabbing up, so everything now is as expected. Yay!

He will have the cone on for 2 weeks which is going to make things difficult – he won’t be able to use the doggy door, but hopefully that will be the only problem. (Except for the bill – maybe we will win the lotto).

Later the same day: Rocco is home! He is kind of out of it, a little disoriented, having a hard time getting comfortable, but happy to be home. We moved the crate downstairs, and we have to keep him calm . The words ‘calm’ and ‘Rocco’ are not typically used together. The first couple days will be tough. Pills on different time schedules and I need to put a cold compress in his eye every 3-4 hours. He HATES the cone. Wont even sit down. Just standing there. He is so tired, I can tell. He wont lie down. Whatever it takes! So happy to have him home!

<a href="http://www.puppydoggies helpful hints.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/surgery.jpg” rel=”attachment wp-att-193″>surgeryAugust 8: Rocco update (Saturday am): Rocco is doing pretty good. He only sleeps for about 20 minutes at a time, but he is getting more and more comfortable. The cone is not happening! He freaks out when it’s on – just stands in one spot. He doesn’t want to sit or lay down – practically falls asleep standing up! I took it off and have just been watching him so he doesn’t like the leg medicine patch or try to scratch his eye. He ate breakfast this morning and is ow laying next to me on the couch napping. I’m exhausted, but happy he is home and getting better. I sent Lindsey out to get an inflatable cone, maybe that will be more comfortable for him.. Otherwise we will just have to watch him very carefully. I cant miss work, but Lindsey is still off for summer – she will be my helper 🙂

August 9th update: Rocco update (Sunday eve): it was a good day. Rocco seems to be feeling better and better each day. The swelling has gone down almost all the way. Here is a picture of him sleeping. In the bright light it doesn’t look as good as this, but I thought you might like to see him. Hoping for a nice, restful evening. I have to go to work tomorrow. Lindsey is going to babysit Rocco. She is the best daughter!!!

Eye Surgery Update

Written August 5, 2015

Rocco has a red eye
This is Rocco and Chloe. See Rocco’s left eye. Thats the problem!

Surgery update: What a day! Poor Rocco has been through a lot. He is now out of surgery and resting comfortably. They didn’t start the surgery until about 3. Its now almost 8pm and they finally called with the update (originally scheduled for 11am). I have been worried all day long!!! They think for sure its cancer. But they wont know exactly what kind or any details until the tumor comes back. They sent it out to get analyzed. The tumor appears to have started on the optic nerve. They removed the eye, the optic nerve all the way up to where it branches off to the other eye (which is still fine thank goodness!!!!!). He went up against the brain but not into it. He said some of the tumor appears to have gone into brain tissue.  They did a neurology test and all brain function is normal. I think thats what they called it. So they dont think the tumor is affecting anything in his brain. Yay!

So right now Rocco is only heavy pain meds, and they will continue through the night. If everything goes as expected, he will come home tomorrow night. They have a staff overnight who will watch him like a hawk – just to make sure things stabilize. My poor little guy!!! Please pray for Rocco!!! And if you are independently wealthy ….

August 6th update: Just spoke to the surgeon. Rocco needs to stay another night. They tried to wean him off the injectible pain meds but he was still having lots of pain and discomfort. They want to keep him on the higher does for a little longer. He is very swollen and they want to get that under control, too.  Oh man.. I just wish I could fast forward a few months to when he is all healed and doing well 🙂  Chloe misses him, believe it or not. She keeps wandering around looking for him. She is such a sweetheart. She knows I am upset and just sits with me, comforting me. I love dogs <3

Still waiting.. That eye sure must hurt!

Written August 3, 2015totheVet

We are finally going to meet with the surgeon on Saturday to come up with a plan of attack on what to do about Rocco’s eye. I am not sure what the hold up is – they already have the xrays, bloodwork, MRI, spinal tap results.. what else do they need? This place is about 20 miles from our house, and I its hard for me to keep driving down there. It’s so emotional for me, and I have to make the appointments around my work schedule, which just adds stress. I think Rocco knows whats going on, too. So its sad. I am trying to do fun things with him and Chloe, to keep his mind off it, but I know his eye is sore and he probably wants it fixed. Maybe somehow he knows that they are going to fix it??

This picture is Rocco on the way to the vet this morning.

Saturday update (after the vet visit): I left Rocco there – they are doing the surgery TODAY! August 5, 2015. I was a wreck at the vet. I know he is in good hands and that they will do everything they can for him – but the whole day has been just horrible. The vet was awesome explaining everything but I just worry so much about Rocco. They came up with a plan to remove the entire eye/optic nerve, whatever tumor (they are 90% sure its a tumor and not a cyst) they can easily access first. Then go back in and get whatever they can get without going into the brain. The surgeon was nervous about the part up in/against the brain. He couldnt tell from the MRI if its just up against the brain tissue or rocco EYEif its already gone into the brain. I about lost it when he said that.  It is going to cost a fortune! We have done so much already, we have to move forward. I dont want Rocco suffering any longer. I am sure that eye is very painful for him.

This picture was right before they took him in. You cant really see his left eye, but isnt his right eye perfect?

Bad news! It is cancer!

August 28, 2015

Bad news: I have been praying for a good result from the tumor people, but I am sorry to say, he has an actual cancer. Some kind of Meningioma. Have to call the vet on Sunday to get more info. They said it’s a common cancer in dogs, especially boxers! It is a form of brain cancer. I did a little research and there are several different forms, so I will need to see exactly what kind it is before I worry too much. But it’s not good news. 😢 on a happier note – his appetite is back, he ate some dry food today! All in all, he seems to be feeling good. And He has been wanting to play. So bad news, but the good news is that he is healing and his overall quality of life is much better than before the surgery.

I am so bummed. I knew it was a possibility, but I was really hoping for the best. Now I have to wait until ‘our’ vet is available to talk to us about the tumor. He is off until Sept 2. How can they give me this news and then make me wait several days for the details? Cruel!!!

Rocco got a new ball
Rocco got a new ball

I will say that Rocco is doing great! He seems to be back to normal. His jaw seems better. He is eating everything, and playing ball – a friend of mine dropped off a new ball for him. Its not a NEW ball, its the perfect kind of ball – used, slightly flat, and soft synthroid tablets. He loves it! We played outside for about 30 minutes today. He is one happy camper! And that’s whats important right now!

This momma loves her boxer boy!

National Dog Day – Celebrate your doggies

National Dog Day
These are my dogs that I celebrate everyday

Did you celebrate National Dog Day on August 26th? We did. Well, sort of. I posted a couple pictures of my cute puppy dogs on Facebook, wished everyone a Happy National Dog Day and I gave the doggies some extra loving, and a couple extra treats.

How did you celebrate? Did you even know there was such a thing as National Dog Day? Well, there is and this was the 10th year. You can visit the official National Dog Day website for more info.

I think there are many holidays that most of us are unaware of the real reason, how and why it became a holiday, etc. Not that this is a big holiday like Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or Independence Day, but it seems like many people celebrate it – so I thought I would find out how it originated, and how people celebrate it.

Apparently it was formed in 2004 to honor dogs, to give them “a day”, to show our deep appreciation for the historical connection of companionship with one another. Its focus is to recognize the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year, and to encourage getting your pets from reputable breeders, or from the Animal Shelter. 

I think that is a pretty good mission and I am going to think of a great way to honor my doggies more often and this website will try to encourage people to adopt from animal shelters! Here is one site that helps with that: The Shelter Pet Project. Click on the link to Find dogs in local shelters that need homes!

If you want to help donate money or items to your local Animal Shelter. I recently took over a pile of old sheets and towels and they were very appreciative. Our local shelter is a no-kill shelter, so they are always filled to the brim with animals to adopt. I am going to try to help them more often.

Cute Dog Contests. Try one!

Dog contests are everywhere! Dog owners are proud of their doggies. Many of us treat them just like every other member of the family. We want to talk about them. We want to share stories and pictures of them. Many websites capitalize on that and have Cute Dog Contests. You can win a spot on a calendar, your dog can be dog of the week on a website, you can win actual cash prizes, and many other things. Some contests ask you to choose specific themed pictures, others want puppies, some want older dogs. Some require a ‘donation’, all of them ask you to register for their site. Most registrations are simple, and free. Contests are fun!

Here are a few that you can sign up for:
Page a Day Calendar
Modern Dog Magazine
Pamered Puppy
Canine Superstar
Dog Channel
Old Farmers Almanac

I signed up for one. Well, its not really a contest, its just a cute dog voting site where people can ‘love’ a picture of a dog with a certain name, then the one with the most votes becomes the “Top Dog” with that name. I signed up Chloe and Rocco for this contest. Please vote for them! Then submit your own cute doggie(s).

VOTE FOR ROCCO                                                    VOTE FOR CHLOE

Rocco's Selfie - contest entry
Rocco wanted to take a selfie
puppy dog Chloe. Contest entry
Chloe as a puppy dog

I have an older dog

Chloe, our 11 year old lab was sick the other day. It gave us a bit of a scare. She was vomiting every 20 minutes. It was so sad to watch. Nothing I could do to comfort her. After about an hour of it I called the vet. They said I should bring her in. Since she has some health issues, and is an older dog, we were a little scared.

sweet lab chloe
This is sweet Chloe cuddling with her purse

Chloe takes Rimadyl for her arthritis. I was told I should give her half a tablet daily to ‘maintain’ her comfort and for the most part that works. On days when she seems to be having trouble walking I was told I could give her an additional half tablet. Prior to the vomiting spell, I had given her the extra tablet. I thought that maybe it upset her stomach. When I told the vet that I had given the extra pill, she was even more concerned. She said that it could be toxic to her. Yikes!

So my daughter and I headed off to the vet. Chloe was excited to go for a ride. We went right after she had a vomiting spell, so I knew we had 20 minutes to get to the vet.  She normally loves the car, but she wasnt feeling well and just laid on the back seat. She whimpered a bit, which was so sad. We made it in time.

After a long wait we saw the dr. It was about 1am. She gave Chloe an exam and said that her heart and lungs are great, no masses, no blood in her stool, everything seemed normal. They wanted to take some blood to rule out other things. They gave her some fluids, an anti-nausea shot, an antacid and took her blood. The shot seemed to work, she did not vomit at all after that.

We were told to watch her carefully for the first 24 hours, withhold food and water until morning. Then feed a bland diet. I arranged to stay home with her all day the next day. Fed her small bland meals, and she started feeling better.

Results from the labwork came back normal. So that was great news! So maybe it was just something she ate, or a complication from her megaesophagus. Its now 2 days later and she was doing really well today. Appetite is back, she is moving around fine, acting normal 🙂 Crisis diverted.. Yay!

I love Chloe so much. She is the sweetest dog ever!  So glad she is ok!


One dog, two dogs, or more?

sleeping dogs
Rocco and Chloe sleeping

I was just reading on a dog owners forum about how many dogs different families have. It was interesting to see what people had to say.

I have two dogs and I think I would like to always have two dogs. Rocco is a boxer, young, playful and in your face! Chloe is a lab mix, older, calm, sweet and so patient with Rocco.  I think they enjoy each others company. I am sure that Chloe would rather be left alone at times, but overall, I think she loves Rocco. When she has had enough of him, or when she doesn’t want to be bothered, she lifts her lip and growls at him. He backs off!

On many occasions I find them cuddled up together sleeping. It is so cute. I think having two dogs also gives the dogs companionship during the day. What do they do when we are not home? Im not sure. They probably lay on the couch and sleep much of the day. They also spend a good part of the day watching the yard. We have open space around us, and they watch for intruders to chase away. Rocco loves to chase bunnies and squirrels. Chloe seems to go after birds.

Since Chloe is getting older, she doesnt enjoy roughhousing, while Rocco would love it.  I think when we get our next dog, I will get them closer in age. I think that would make them each happier. Chloe was very motherly towards Rocco when he was a pup. We got him when he was about 10 weeks old. Chloe showed him how to go outside and go potty, she growled when he was doing something wrong, when we went for rides in the car, she would use her body as a seatbelt to keep him safe.

I am glad our two dogs are a similar size. I dont think its a necessity, but it is easier when we go for walks. I see people with a big dog and a small one and they look like they have a hard time.

I have read that its better for your second do to be the opposite sex as the first dog. That makes a lot of sense. If they are both the same sex, they will have to determine who is the alpha dog, and who is not. This may result in fights among the dogs, and a hard time getting along. Some dogs may get overly aggressive or way too passive after the fight for dominance. Its not always the case, but if you can avoid this situation, that would be a good idea.

Is it easier to have two dogs vs. one dog? No. There are now two pets that need love and attention. One is generally more jealous (Rocco) and makes it hard for Chloe to get attention. We make it work, of course. Training is harder with more than one dog. They dont have the same training needs, but they are both around all the time so both need to be included.  When one is ill or hurt, its hard to keep the other dog from bothering them without isolating them.

There are many things to consider when deciding how many dogs you want to have. I recommend reading lots of information, listen to experienced dog owners, and make the decision that works best for your family. To me having two dogs means double the puppy dog love!

dogs sleeping
Rocco using Chloe as a pillow

Rocco loves Soccer Balls

Our dog Rocco loves Soccer balls. He likes them a little flat and a little shredded. He enjoys chasing the ball when we kick it (if he actually lets us kick it), he enjoys throwing it around the yard by himself, too. Friends save old soccer balls for him, and he is very appreciative!

Does he ever let us play? Well, sometimes. He loves to tease us, act like he is going to let us kick it, but then grab it at the last minute.  But then there are days where he will let me kick it 100 times. It just depends.  One trick I use to get him to let me play is to give Chloe attention. He gets jealous and will bring me the ball.

Over the past few years, he has been through MANY balls.  A friend of mine asked me if I have pictures of him with all the various balls. Do I? Well, I have MANY pictures of him with various soccer balls. Here are some:

Rocco Soccer ball
Rocco with a soccer ball. One of many!
running soccer ball
Rocco running through the yard with a soccer ball
kick soccer ball
Rocco waiting for me to kick the ball
no kicking my ball
Rocco is not going to let me kick it
ball on couch
Sometimes the balls come in the house
ball on couch
another ball that snuck inside
shredded ball
This ball is getting to be a little too shredded
my ball
This is MY ball, you cant take it!

Gluten Free Dog Cookie Recipe

Healthy Dog Treats – Gluten free dog cookie recipe

Chloe Relaxing
Chloe relaxing out front

My dog Chloe has Mega Esophagus, which means her esophagus has lost muscle tone and has a hard time moving food down into her stomach. That’s a story all in itself, but because of this illness we were told to give her foods that are easily digestible.  I found a great dog cookie recipe for her! This is my Gluten Free Pumpkin cookie recipe for dogs. Both dogs devour them! Rocco, our boxer sits and drools as they are being baked. Chloe, the lab, doesn’t usually show much interest in food, probably because it makes her uncomfortable to eat – but she loves these cookies!

I can’t take the credit for this recipe. I found it online, but I did change it up so that its gluten-free. Give it a try!

Here is the Pumpkin Oatmeal Dog Cookie recipe. It makes about 4 dozen cookies

What you need:

  • 2 cups of rice flour (available in the health foods area usually)
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup of steel cut oatmeal, uncooked. I buy gluten free
  • 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1 small can of pure pumpkin (not pumpkin pie filling)
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter (smooth)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1 – 2 teaspoons water, as needed

Preheat oven to 350

Spray cooking spray on cookie sheets. I use Pam Baking Spray

In one bowl, mix dry ingredients and set aside

In a larger bowl, mix wet ingredients. Make sure the peanut butter is mixed in well. You can use a mixer, or a spoon.

Then combine all ingredients.  It will be thick and dry. Add a little water so that you can get it all mixed up.

I like to chill the dough for 15 minutes or so before starting, but its not necessary.

Take teaspoonfuls of dough and place on cookie sheet. I put 12 on each sheet. Then press them down into a circular shape. Thin, maybe 1/8 inch thick.

Put into oven for 14 minutes. Flip cookies and cook for another 14 minutes.

Cool completely on cooling rack.  Then store in airtight container in the refrigerator. You don’t have to put in the frig – but they last longer if you do. I am not sure how long they stay good in or out of the frig. Since our doggies love them so much, we use up our bag in about a week and a half.

Note: if you have a smaller dog, you can make the cookies smaller. This size is perfect for my large dogs.

I hope your dogs enjoy this Gluten free Pumpkin Oatmeal dog cookie recipe!

Puppy Dog Love – for pups & their families

Welcome Dog Lovers!

Puppy Dog Love – a site about dogs and their families. Pictures, fun stories, tips and advice about doggie ownership and training. Have you ever wanted to share pictures of your cute dogs with the world? Or tell someone about that funny thing your puppy did this morning? Here is the place to do it. I love talking about my pets, and I am sure there are others out there, too! Welcome to the site.

rocco cute boxer puppy
Rocco, 10 week old boxer puppy dog.

Rocco is already famous among my Facebook friends. He is a 3 year old boxer. We got him as a puppy. He is an incredibly smart guy, and so cute! He has been keeping us on our toes since we got him. I have a bunch of stories, fun pictures and even some dog videos to share.

Our other doggy, Chloe is about 11 years old. She is a lab mix and has been the best dog ever! She never ruined anything, and when we say NO, she stops what she is doing. She is sweet and cute and just an amazing dog. I will be sharing photos of her, too! She is a bit camera shy, but I do have some fun pictures of her, too.

Once I figure out how, I will have an area where you can log in and post stories and pictures of your pups, too! So start thinking of fun dog stories, find all those cute pictures of your pets and get them ready to upload!

Please comment with ideas of other things that I can include. I am very new to this, so be patient as I figure things out. Invite your friends and family members, and their pets of course – lets make this a fun place to hang out!